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4 Packs Separate Modal Dual Pouch Trunks


I bought two pairs of David Archy Thermal. It’s totally perfect in terms of fitting, insulation and quality!

Shrunk in wash

4 Pack Long Leg Boxer Briefs Underwear


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That about says it.

Very soft and comfy, great fit for taller men!

I highly recommend these for someone looking for a base layer set. They are very cozy and warm. They do not chafe anywhere, are very soft, and move very well with the body.

I am 6ft 2in and 180 lbs and purchased the medium size. They fit very well, though I was hesitant at first they might be too short. The legs have a long length, and there is even a little extra leg length to spare for me with plenty of room in the crotch; the torso is also a perfect length and goes down well below where I have my belt to tuck it in; the arms are just a little short for me, but as this is a base layer that's no big deal. I also have a large chest and shoulders from working out and the top fits very comfortably on me.

The overall fabric quality is great too -- thick and durable.

Good Value for great quality, feel, and warmth.

These thermal pants are really really nice. I wear 32x32, bought the Mediums and they fit true to size. The cut is great and allows for mobility. They are not compression, but they do fit close so you can wear under almost anything. The feel is soft, just like their underwear if you have any of those (if not, you should really try them out- also great). The weight is about medium to light. I recently wore them under jeans for some outdoor events (around 30F) and they felt great. The material doesn‘t absorb sweat, so even while walking around I didn‘t feel clammy like I have with other thermals. The length fit me a little long. I am a 32 inseam and these would be good to about 34. However, there isn’t a ton of fabric bunched at the bottom because there is a thick cuff at the bottom. These are really good quality with substantial sewing, thick elastic, and the materials feel good. I really recommend these for the great value.

Comfortable enough to wear all day!

Another excellent product from David Archy. I normally don't spend very much on thermals, because I don't find them overly comfortable. They serve their purpose, but I usually can't wait to get them off because they end up being uncomfortable. Not only were these comfortable enough to wear all day, but I actually enjoy wearing them. They do an awesome job of keeping me warm, while remaining comfortable enough that they don't give that sweaty, too hot feeling that I normally get. Also, they do not bunch up like some other thermals I've tried. They stay soft and warm all day, even after multiple washes.


Amazingly Warm & Comfortable!! Highly recommend!! The long johns were exactly what I wanted. The fleece Lining on the inside of this item makes them super warm and comfortable. The material is rather strong and stretchy not bulky. Fitted well under my clothes. They are the best long john I‘ve ever owned before. I believe it will last a long time. Excellent quality! Already bought 2nd pair.

Great cold weather thermals

I have long been a fan of this brand for their men's underwear, and I received a promotion for these thermals. I've worn them now a number of times and I can strongly recommend them. They are the "right" thickness for me, not as heavy as the heaviest thermals I've tried, but just as warm. And, like their underwear, they are just super comfortable, both the material, which is slightly softer than others I've used, and the fit which is perfect in length and tightness around the leg. Thanks for another great product.

Warm and comfortable

These are thin and fit snugly, so they won't show under pants of thinner material like dress pants or slacks. They feel fairly lightweight, so should be good for my commute to work, but at the same time, not be too hot in the office all day. They may not be warm enough for winter outdoor activities, though.

The fit is as expected. I wear the same size (medium) underwear from David Archy and the sizing on these is consistent. I'm 6' tall and they didn't go right down to my ankles, but close enough that socks would overlap to cover the gap and keep cold air out.

Soft, Warm, and Comfortable.

David Archy products have been consistently excellent. I was introduced to them by an Amazon recommendation and over the last few years, have become loyal to their brand because they have never let me down. This thermal undergarment is very comfortable. Last week, we had a morning that was 20 degrees fahrenheit outside so, I had a good opportunity to try them out. They stretch and move like a second skin and are very soft and comfortable... very comfortable. These are the most comfortable of all my Winter base layers other than my ultra thin running base. This is an easy product to recommend, because you'll probably going to love them. Enjoy.

So soft, just right, keeps you warm

Bought this for a trip to the frozen tundra neighbor. First of all, the size was spot on. just a little snug in some places but not too much. This thing kept me super warm that sometimes this was all I needed to go outside in 10 degree F weather. And best of all, it’s super soft and comfortable that I didn‘t want to take it off. Best purchase I made for the trip, hands down.

So warm and cozy

Overall really like these thermal underwear. Note I did receive them at a discounted price from David Archy however I am considering purchasing more at full price as they keep me very warm and cozy and this winter is going to be a LOOONG one. These are a great way to help extend the time you can spend outdoors in this isolated winter time.FIT: Overall fit is true to size. I wear Medium to Large in tops, and 34-35 size waist in pants. The Large size of this fit well for both top and bottom. I would consider these medium-weight thermals. I have some that are thinner than these and heavy-duty fleece ones that are thicker. These strike a nice balance of warmth and still able to fit underneath my daily wear clothes. I can wear the bottoms comfortably underneath my "regular" fit jeans. Don't expect these to fit under any "skinny" or "slim" pants. Only area that is a little tight is the butt. Its not too tight but definitely a bit more fitted than other long underwear that I own. Wife says they look good :-)

FEEL: They are SUPER soft on the inside of the fabric. Almost like fleece. So far I have worn/washed them twice and still just as soft as they were when I took them out of the package. As noted in Fit section, they are a decent thickness and are a good base layer to keep you warm.

- Keep me warm: So far I have used these all day two times. Coldest temps were around 15 degrees F and my legs were not cold at all after being outside for ~2 hrs (long underwear, jeans, snow pants). Top kept me warm as well.
- Softest pair of thermals that I have. I also have some super lightweight silk thermals for hiking but these are much warmer.
- Seller makes good quality products. I've been wearing David Archy/Separatec (same company) boxer briefs for a few years now and have slowly branched out into their other products. All high-quality.

- Butt-area is a bit tight, but they fit ok and after wearing for a few minutes they seem to stretch plenty and don't restrict movement at all.
- Price is on the higher side but for a full set of high-quality thermals, it is still within reason.
- a little thicker than i would like to have beneath my pants, but again after a few minutes I got used to it and they fit well underneath "regular" sized pants (just not any of those skinny jeans).

Great base layer

These are unbelievably soft and thick. They fit tighter than expected, especially in the forearm, but have great stretch and do not constrict. The length is perfect and they do not ride or bunch. For reference I am 5'10" and 170lb, swimmers build, and bought a medium. Overall a great base layer.

They got everything right! And

Don't know how they did it but the waist band does not roll and the legs don't ride up or roll up and no wedgie either! They are very soft and more important are VERY COOL. they also feel dry, right out of the washer spin cycle! The pouch is also the right size. I finally found the perfect underware. Will be ordering more.

The fit is tighter than normal boxer shorts but they are still very comfortable since the fabric ...

I was surprised at how light and thin the material was and wondered how it would feel. As a test I wore them while gardening on a very hot day and they were comfortable. I just ordered a second set of underwear because they will be perfect when you need to travel light. My favorite quick dry brand, Wickers America, went out of business so I'm glad to find a great replacement at less than half the cost.

David Archy does it again

I've never bought a David Archy product that wasn't top quality. That said, this long underwear set is in a league of it's own--so comfortable and cozy. Best long underwear I've ever had for hanging out in the house. I'm looking forward to taking it on a good long hiking trip into the mountains. Just puts me in a fantastic mood.

Comfortable as heck, slightly revealing.

They feel great. Super comfortable and light feeling while also fitting snug against your body. Just a very light material that feels good overall. Not the best at keeping your stuff in place or concealed. Maybe not ideal to wear with a pair of basketball shorts or other really light shorts/tight pants as pretty much everyone will see your outline. Just saying, my wife loves them!! Haha.

Doesn't even feel like I'm wearing underwear.

The David Archy underwear are extremely lightweight yet durable. I was skeptical when they arrived because the material is very thin. However, after some testing and wearing them for a while I was pleased to find that they are very durable and extremely comfortable. I don't even notice I'm wearing them at times. Very comfortable and exceptionally form fitting. Provides comfort and security. Very happy with this purchase

Work excellent as swim trunks for an unexpected swim

Was unexpectedly invited to take a late night swim by a beautiful woman I was out on a date with. These functioned admirably as swim trunks, although certainly a bit revealing they dried out almost immediately after the swim and I was able to put pants back on completely comfortably. Made a good underwear choice that day, and they are very comfortable and keep an otherwise sweaty guy nice and dry on normal wear days as well.

Super comfortable.

These things are great. The mesh material is cool and the nut cup technology is perfect. Waist band doesn't slip and the legs don't ride up. Important factors when you're 6ft 290lbs. Use the sizing chart before you order because it's pretty spot on.

Never have to search for another brand again!

These are what I've been searching for my whole life. They fit great, extremely comfortable, and breathable. The pouch is like icing on the cake! The band doesn't roll and is comfortably wide. The leg holes are snug without being restrictive and doesn't catch when changing from standing to sitting as some other brands have in the past and I have huge quads!

Well worth the price

After buying multiple times within the last year and 2 months, I'm doing a review. First of all they come in folded in a small box which is great if you are like me and like to keep new undies fresh in a box in my drawer until ready for use. The undies are extremely comfortable, I also love the pocket in the front that does not tighten around the junk area like other similar brands, but instead, gives it room to sit as it should. Will keep buying for sure.