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3 Packs Bamboo Fiber Breathable Boxer Briefs Pouch Support

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  • Dry and Breathable Enjoy The Feeling of Constant Temperature. Made from Bamboo Rayon, its unique pore structure has better air permeability with constant temperature, getting extra comfort.
  • Soft Waistband. The waistband and bottom feels relaxed by adopting seamless fitting tech, bringing the ultimate comfort without any friction with no use of stitch.
  • 3D Expansion Design Enjoys a More Comfortable Space. 3D space increased with Pouch design extension, will provide better wrapping, avoid pressure, adjustment and riding up, keep your man-part in place in ultra freedom.
  • 4-Needle 6-Thread Sewing Tech for Ultra Comfort. Stitching threadless used by adopting innovative 4-needle 6-thread sewing tech, so as to reduce the friction and pressure on the skin.
  • Stretch Waistband Relaxation Brings More Comfort. Men's bamboo boxer briefs, sheath dual pouch underwear, use of high elastic soft waistband, free from pressure and tightness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The very best!!

To perfect.. amazing I'm gonna start buying this kind only..

This was the third time I bought their underwear.

I highly recommend their underwear. So far I have stuck with the bamboo underwear of theirs. I haven't branched out to their other clothing, but their underwear is on point.I have tried three different types of underwear from them, so far this is my favorite. All of their underwear is incredibly comfortable. They fit snug against you, but they have a pocket for you goods, so they never feel squished. Which means little to no personal adjustments.


Awesome product at a fair price

Alpha Kilo
Happy Boys

Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.
David Archy did it again!

D. Jones
Great quality for great price

My boyfriend's new found love! Plus he looks super good in them.