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3 Packs Antibacterial MicroModal Trunks Pouch Support

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  • Soft and seamless, experience the feeling of air-like.MicroModal, natural fiber with fitted texture structure, redefines the standards of new comfort: fine, soft, and light.
  • Step boldly into summer.Modal provides the breathable you need to feel cool with every step. The antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties of this cool little number will ensure you feel fresh all day long.
  • Keep fresh all the time without peculiar smell.Silver ion with antibacterial function can curb the growth of bacteria, play an anti-odor role.
  • 3D expansion design enjoys a more comfortable space.3D space increased with pouch design extension, will provide better wrapping, avoid pressure, adjustment and riding up, keep your man-part in place in ultra freedom.
  • 4-needle 6-thread sewing tech for ultra comfort.Stitching thread less used by adopting innovative 4-needle 6-thread sewing tech, so as to reduce the friction and pressure on skin.
  • Stretch waistband, relaxation brings more comfort.The use of high elastic soft waistband, free from pressure and tightness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dipped me into micromodal. suit for me

I bought these to see what micro modal was like. I like how the material feels, but I think I prefer undergarments that are made with thicker, more absorbent fabric. I do appreciate how I generally am less aware of them under other clothes, especially in more tailored fits, and I don't have to worry about bunching or riding up because of the smoothness of the fabric.

It is All About the Material

These are my favorite underwear for one reason. The material. I won't buy any other kind now. I just find these to be so much more comfortable, like you are wearing nothing. They don't seem to hold smells like other underwear I have. I have owned these for a little over a year and so far they have held up well. It is all about the material for me.

A. Jones

I loved the t shirts so I had to try the undershorts. Just as comfortable. I would have given 5 stars it's perfect. I have tried a lot of other underwear but I might be switching to these completely like I did with the tshirts.

Great comfort

I've been wearing David Archy exclusively for about a couple month now in a variety of versions. While these aren't my favorite, they are up there.

PROs: Fabric is light, cool, and very comfortable. I also enjoy the variety of colors packaged together. They've completely removed the tag in back as well. Other versions tear off easily, but now that step isn't necessary (although I always got a chuckle out of the"give it to your mom, she knows what to do" bit). Only loyal DA wearers will get that.

I plan to continue purchasing DA products.

Soft but could be better

The material is nice, but the "pouch" isn't that comfortable. I'd say this is my 3rd favorite underwear compared to some jockeys and adidas underwear I have. I'd buy those before these. It is kind of restrictive feeling compared to those other underwear I've mentioned. We'll see how they feel after a few washes and maybe break in. I don't know if this material does that. Hope so, because they are soft.