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4 Packs Micro Modal Separate Pouch Briefs

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  • 92% Modal, 8% Spandex.
  • Pouch Briefs Design: Men's briefs with pouch using patent-pending separate pouch designed to keep a man's personal area comfortably separate resulting in a dry environment all day.
  • Versatile Performance: Breathable  briefs allow air to flow freely which reduces sticking problem most men experience usually requiring embarrassing "adjustments." Our men's underwears types are super soft micro modal material feels cool on the skin and silky to the touch.
  • The Best-Loved Group: Equally embraced by athletes who perspire during sports activities and men who must sit for long hours every day. Giving you the most comfortable brief underwear felt sense.
  • The Comfort Of The Waistband: Men's briefs' waistband and seams are durable and comfortable so you don't experience your Briefs scratching or pulling. Optimizes men's personal area for a fresher, healthier-feeling and overall well-being.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
The fit is tighter than normal boxer shorts but they are still very comfortable since the fabric ...

I was surprised at how light and thin the material was and wondered how it would feel. As a test I wore them while gardening on a very hot day and they were comfortable. I just ordered a second set of underwear because they will be perfect when you need to travel light. My favorite quick dry brand, Wickers America, went out of business so I'm glad to find a great replacement at less than half the cost.

Traveling Matt
Excellent fit and comfortable!

Excellent fit and super feel!! I've been traveling a lot and am always looking for good, lightweight, and comfortable boxer briefs. I bought these as they were on sale figuring "what the heck". I was concerned about the single piece and pouch design, those fears were unwarranted!!!

Love these, and as I continue to replace my aging (yet still serviceable, no matter what my wife says) undergarments these will be back on my shopping list!!

Jerry Fowler

These are probably some of the most comfortable briefs I‘ve bought. They don’t ride up the inside of my leg, which was the #1 thing I was looking for. The material is supremely soft and comfortable... much much more than cotton.

John Wheby
Like Wearing Nothing at All

This underwear is so light and comfortable, it is almost like freeballing it. Very lightweight, with no pinching, scrunching or riding up my legs (like most other boxer shorts I have worn). I also had a chance to work out with them on and they performed very well. I was very impressed with the eco-friendly packaging with individual cartons for each pair of briefs. These will be excellent for traveling, since they are so lightweight and the materials will be able to dry out quickly if washed in a sink and hung up to dry. I like these so much, that I will buy them again if they come back as a lighting deal. My only complaint about these is that they are not tag less.

Liam Taylor
Comfort! Comfort! Comfort!

These are the most comfortable underwear I ever purchase! I have Adidas and spider but they are much thicker compared to these. It's light and feels like nothing at all. The best part is the design of the junk pocket! It enhanced it its wearing a superman suit! I am buying more after a few washes to make sure the waist band doesn't turn out to be an overcooked bacon.