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4 Packs Ultra Soft Males Briefs

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  • 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex.
  • VERSATILE PERFORMANCE: Our mens boxer briefs shorts made from Bamboo Rayon--a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo. It is featured with good air permeability, instant moisture wicking, lightweight and stable dyeing property.Definitely the most comfortable mens underwear you have.
  • Soft Fabric: Men in underwear ultra soft fabric, more breathable and lightweight than mens cotton underwear.
  • Mens Boxer Briefswith pouch: 3D U-POUCH for ultra roomy. Ultra U-pouch design added onto the under pants to provide more space for men's private parts without extrusion or constraint. It helps make you confident and sexy wearing our big pouch briefs.
  • Wide And Stretchy Waistband: Strong and soft stay put waistband with classic logo which is good to reduce the stimulation to your skin.Which makes it truly stylish underwear for men.
  • NBC NEWS Recommended: David Archy Men's Bamboo Rayon Briefs were recommended by NBC NEWS as "Best men's underwear 2020." According to the article, "Those are very designed for a guy to look his best for when he's just wearing his underwear."

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
my favorites

I bought these for my husband along with a few other brands of boxer briefs. These are my favorites on him....his package (and the rest of him) look great in these....Beyond looks, he says they are very comfortable....work great for sports but love that they have a fly, and the legs don't stretch out like cotton boxer briefs

Comfortable and supportive!

I have spent months trying to find the right pair of boxer briefs. I have found that there is never enough room for the goods because companies seem to think that 'tightness' is the same thing as support, and its uncomfortable.

These are by far my favorite. I love the material. They are pretty stretchy, but seem to hold the equipment in the right way. I wear them for sports and work. It seriously feels like wearing nothing at all. The wife seems to like the Black ones ;)

None better!

For the past several years I've used the DA Ultra-soft brief when I exercise. I run about 5 miles 6 days a week. Prior to that, I experienced chafing and discomfort. I tried several different types of briefs. The DA brief fits perfectly, stays cool, wicks moisture, and is very comfortable. I also use the DAs under my board shorts when swimming and it dries very fast.

Most comfortable underwear I've ever had

Most comfortable underwear I have ever had. I've been wearing cotton forever, and thought I would like a change of material and style. Couldn't have made a better choice. The material fits perfectly, conforming to my shape, and is comfortable all day. The only downside is the lack of flap for easy access, but I learned to not care. There is a nice section made in the front to fit around your area, and it has nice comfortable support. After buying one pack and trying them out I bought a second pack and threw out all of my old cotton boxer-briefs. Highly recommended.

Can underwear change your attitude? You bet!

I never thought I'd be writing an underwear review....but here it is. These are easily the best I've ever worn. They fit great (took a little getting used to them), but as someone who wears dress pants all day, then works in cargo shorts in the yard on weekends, these guys perform above and beyond anything I've ever worn before. They keep "things' where they need to be, aired out, and as dry as possible. I've tried several other options, and these are the winner!