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7 Packs Bamboo Rayon Trunks

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  • 95% Bamboo Rayon, 5% Spandex.
  • Super Soft Fabric: Bamboo trunks rayon material feels ultra-cozy and cool on the skin and silky to the touch.
  • Contour Pouch Design: The 3D pouch trunks can make your package more comfortable without any sticky and holds the boys well; While flat locked stitching creates a virtually seamless feel in sensitive areas.
  • Versatile Performance: Bamboo rayon is a kind of cellulosic fiber extracted from natural materials-bamboo.The Bamboo rayon underwear for men is ultra-soft, comfy, smooth, breathable and moisture-wicking.It is featured with good air permeability, lightweight and stable dyeing property.
  • No Wedgies: Square cut trunks with one piece clean cut in the back to avoid embarrassed adjustment for better comfort.
  • Stay Put Waistband: Soft and wider waistband with great elasticity won't roll or leave marks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Crazy Joe
I freaking love thee underwear and I would like to recommend to everyone

I still love these. I've been wearing them for month. I wont use anything else. They are still so worth the money. I'm almost tempted to buy a lifetime supply just in case they ever stop making them.

I freaking love thee underwear. As a kid I work briefs. Then as a teen I found boxer briefs. Then one of my girlfriends got me fancy synthetic boxer briefs. Now I have these and I feel like I'm at the top of the underwear food chain. They combat a ton of odor. They are crazy soft. They fit like a glove. They aren't gaudy colors with super contrasty logos like you'd find with other brands. I think I'll be wearing bamboo underwear for the rest of my life.

Ruben S
5.0 out of 5 stars PERFECT

I always used to stick to Hanes boxer briefs. They did the job, but the thick material didn't always suit me when I had to wear pants for work on a hot California summer. Even at home during COVID, sitting around in thick underwear led me to frequently readjust myself. I tried other budget brands (7 packs for $15), and they just didn't work. Some would be too tight, others would lose their elasticity after a month, it felt like I was the problem.

I took a risk and bought Diesel boxer trunks one day, looking for something shorter than regular boxer briefs, but also a little more stylish and comfortable. They sucked. They were wedgie magnets and I couldn't sit still for more than 10 minutes because of them. After that I gave it a good effort to find some decent boxers. I looked at Calvin Klein, and even some designer brands. The prices were too high and found a lot of them were reportedly not as comfortable as you'd hope.

Then I bought some of these. The reviews looked good, some were a little nit-picky, but overall they seemed promising. DAVID ARCHY trunk boxers are THE BEST I HAVE EVER WORN. They aren't crazy overpriced. At about $7 per pair, I feel that's worth it. They're silky smooth, breathable and light, yet they feel high quality. I've been able to fit into these things with no problem. Before these trunks, I used to have to consider my underwear before picking what pants I wanted to wear. With these, I don't even think about it. Everything feels good with these trunks.

I recommend them!

Michael the II
Cool junk holder. Hit for the dough.

Well fellas, I tell you that Tommy John [I was forced to hear so much about] might be supposedly marvelous and stuff but I'm not dropping that kind of dough on a single junk outfit. I can buy good overalls for that. I can't wear boxers as I don't like giving my junk too much freedom, if you see what I mean. I like things secured and under control so that junk "knows it's place" and is not rub-a-dubbin' all around. I just don't need underwear with gold lettering or flowers and stuff on it. but it's just not only me, you know. I've had to buy some too happy design underwear a time or two I only let my wife see because of comfort the design gives- but why should I keep doing that to myself, right? I shouldn't if I find an alternative which I finally found. I like things simple and solid black or white underwear always did it for me. Green or blue n gray OK but the whole festival of underwear colors and patterns is just much too much for a plain simple feller like myself. Bamboo dries the quickest even after 1000 calories burned on elliptical in an hour. Waist band will flip on any underwear if you are borderline obese like a ton of us. These secure the package right- if you fallow my drift. I wear these in snow, and on hot summer days and they're still all good in the hood. You can do anything in these in the gym with no restrictions. Fabric should last up to 3 years maybe. I'll buy some more of these as they are just as good as cotton 2XIST and actually dry quicker and take slightly less space in my suitcase. All righty then: maybe it's about time you stop reading junk stories and get some decent underwear now :)

Fit well

Not to bad they fit well. I wish the waist band was bigger than it is but that's just a personal preference.

Jerry P.
Fit, Feel and Comfort!!!

These are the underwear I have been searching for everywhere. They fit perfect, they feel amazing and they are priced right. The feel is so good it is like there aren't there. I can't feel the waistband or the material itself. Regardless of situation. I have been outside in 95 degree heat sweating like crazy but yet I couldn't feel them clinging to me and didn't feel like I have a swim suit on. I have to absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for an option to the synthetic feel of so many underwear out there. I have only had them a little while so i can't speak to durability but the quality of the craftsmanship tells me they will be in my dresser for some time to come.

You guys ROCK!!