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Fleece Winter Base Layer Thermal Set

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  • 50% polyacrylonitrile fiber + 40.6% modal + 9.4% spandex.
  • Super-warm Fabric: Mixed polyacrylonitrile and modal fiber in the double side, ultra-soft & smooth while keeping warm during the winter.
  • Functional Fly: Considerate design with the solid fly opening to facilitate when nature calls.
  • Single Crotch Design: Increase the space of the crotch, reduce the restraint and friction, comfortable even after long time wearing.
  • Classic Simple Style: The thermal base layer set, feature a crew neck top and slim long johns, fits most of people’s style.
  • Best Gift: With delicate outer packing, the great winter thermal underwear set are only for your friends and family as a perfect gift in holiday seasons.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Good Value for great quality, feel, and warmth.

These thermal pants are really really nice. I wear 32x32, bought the Mediums and they fit true to size. The cut is great and allows for mobility. They are not compression, but they do fit close so you can wear under almost anything. The feel is soft, just like their underwear if you have any of those (if not, you should really try them out- also great). The weight is about medium to light. I recently wore them under jeans for some outdoor events (around 30F) and they felt great. The material doesn‘t absorb sweat, so even while walking around I didn‘t feel clammy like I have with other thermals. The length fit me a little long. I am a 32 inseam and these would be good to about 34. However, there isn’t a ton of fabric bunched at the bottom because there is a thick cuff at the bottom. These are really good quality with substantial sewing, thick elastic, and the materials feel good. I really recommend these for the great value.


Amazingly Warm & Comfortable!! Highly recommend!! The long johns were exactly what I wanted. The fleece Lining on the inside of this item makes them super warm and comfortable. The material is rather strong and stretchy not bulky. Fitted well under my clothes. They are the best long john I‘ve ever owned before. I believe it will last a long time. Excellent quality! Already bought 2nd pair.

Soft, Warm, and Comfortable.

David Archy products have been consistently excellent. I was introduced to them by an Amazon recommendation and over the last few years, have become loyal to their brand because they have never let me down. This thermal undergarment is very comfortable. Last week, we had a morning that was 20 degrees fahrenheit outside so, I had a good opportunity to try them out. They stretch and move like a second skin and are very soft and comfortable... very comfortable. These are the most comfortable of all my Winter base layers other than my ultra thin running base. This is an easy product to recommend, because you'll probably going to love them. Enjoy.

So warm and cozy

Overall really like these thermal underwear. Note I did receive them at a discounted price from David Archy however I am considering purchasing more at full price as they keep me very warm and cozy and this winter is going to be a LOOONG one. These are a great way to help extend the time you can spend outdoors in this isolated winter time.FIT: Overall fit is true to size. I wear Medium to Large in tops, and 34-35 size waist in pants. The Large size of this fit well for both top and bottom. I would consider these medium-weight thermals. I have some that are thinner than these and heavy-duty fleece ones that are thicker. These strike a nice balance of warmth and still able to fit underneath my daily wear clothes. I can wear the bottoms comfortably underneath my "regular" fit jeans. Don't expect these to fit under any "skinny" or "slim" pants. Only area that is a little tight is the butt. Its not too tight but definitely a bit more fitted than other long underwear that I own. Wife says they look good :-)

FEEL: They are SUPER soft on the inside of the fabric. Almost like fleece. So far I have worn/washed them twice and still just as soft as they were when I took them out of the package. As noted in Fit section, they are a decent thickness and are a good base layer to keep you warm.

- Keep me warm: So far I have used these all day two times. Coldest temps were around 15 degrees F and my legs were not cold at all after being outside for ~2 hrs (long underwear, jeans, snow pants). Top kept me warm as well.
- Softest pair of thermals that I have. I also have some super lightweight silk thermals for hiking but these are much warmer.
- Seller makes good quality products. I've been wearing David Archy/Separatec (same company) boxer briefs for a few years now and have slowly branched out into their other products. All high-quality.

- Butt-area is a bit tight, but they fit ok and after wearing for a few minutes they seem to stretch plenty and don't restrict movement at all.
- Price is on the higher side but for a full set of high-quality thermals, it is still within reason.
- a little thicker than i would like to have beneath my pants, but again after a few minutes I got used to it and they fit well underneath "regular" sized pants (just not any of those skinny jeans).

Adam Heinrich

I am a woman first off, I spoke with my brother who recommended them to me when I mentioned buying thermals, I tried them on the day I picked them up and immediately OMG lol they're so warm yet breathable (I slept in the top & bottom under 2 blankets and didn't sweat ?? they very very comfortable, super soft and another reason I bought them is because I am 6ft tall I bought a size medium and they fit me perfectly length especially baggy in the crotch area of course but everywhere else is fitted on me, the tops are a little long on me but it doesn't pass my hips.

I bought all the colors except white, they're all a soft cloth like fabric lined lightly with cashmere-ish cotton but not Dark Grey, its almost a thermal but its not, that set I wore as a layer under my clothes its a bit more breathable than the others. Same fit and measurements.

I bought a few pairs and gave them as gifts to some guys in my family, they're perfect for this Winter weather we're having this time around.