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Fleece Winter Extra Warm Thermal Pant with Fly

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  • 50% polyacrylonitrile fiber + 40.6% modal + 9.4% spandex.
  • Premium Fleece Fabric: The men's thermal bottom with double-sided fleece base layer stays warm, feels smooth soft and caresses the skin so naturally providing maximum comfort and softness all day.
  • Double Layer Pouch Design: For providing men's private parts more protection and space, double layer pouch on the thermal pant reduces most men's rubbing problems and embarrassing adjustments, offers you a more free performance even the outside cold air activities.
  • Upgraded Design: The leg opening of the warm pants are no longer the old stitching process. The fabric is directly folded and sewn together to reduce the discomfort caused by protrusion and friction.
  • Unique & Superior Style: Break trough the traditional thermal underwear pants design, adding vertical stripe elements, improve the overall design sense. Perfect technical detail also shows the Personality of our David Archy, leg bottom with brand logo ribbon, more high-grade and fashion.
  • Versatile Performance: Thermal pants with ultra soft hand feel and heat-retention is a perfect option during various indoor activities, outdoor excursion and recreational activities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Comfortable enough to wear all day!

Another excellent product from David Archy. I normally don't spend very much on thermals, because I don't find them overly comfortable. They serve their purpose, but I usually can't wait to get them off because they end up being uncomfortable. Not only were these comfortable enough to wear all day, but I actually enjoy wearing them. They do an awesome job of keeping me warm, while remaining comfortable enough that they don't give that sweaty, too hot feeling that I normally get. Also, they do not bunch up like some other thermals I've tried. They stay soft and warm all day, even after multiple washes.

Leslie A. Ward
Great cold weather thermals

I have long been a fan of this brand for their men's underwear, and I received a promotion for these thermals. I've worn them now a number of times and I can strongly recommend them. They are the "right" thickness for me, not as heavy as the heaviest thermals I've tried, but just as warm. And, like their underwear, they are just super comfortable, both the material, which is slightly softer than others I've used, and the fit which is perfect in length and tightness around the leg. Thanks for another great product.

So soft, just right, keeps you warm

Bought this for a trip to the frozen tundra neighbor. First of all, the size was spot on. just a little snug in some places but not too much. This thing kept me super warm that sometimes this was all I needed to go outside in 10 degree F weather. And best of all, it’s super soft and comfortable that I didn‘t want to take it off. Best purchase I made for the trip, hands down.

Paul Cangialosi
Great base layer

These are unbelievably soft and thick. They fit tighter than expected, especially in the forearm, but have great stretch and do not constrict. The length is perfect and they do not ride or bunch. For reference I am 5'10" and 170lb, swimmers build, and bought a medium. Overall a great base layer.

Rabid Reviewer
Comfortable, Warm, Good Fit

Long underwear is usually something I avoid because I don’t like my legs getting overheated or even covered up for long periods of time. (I‘m one of those people who co spider pants a (barely) necessary evil.) But these thermal longjohns are great the material is soft and smooth and breathable and the opposite of bulky. I wore them under jeans yesterday to walk the dog and it went great. The pouch is also better than your average long underwear; it’s not quite as perfectly supportive as the David Archy briefs and trunks I love, but it‘s not meant to be exactly the same these underwear have a pouch that is good for lounging and has a relaxed grip on my anatomy when I’m in repose, but it provides just enough support when standing and walking. And the fabric feels nice as it hugs the whole lower body. Also banded cuffs at the ankle keep the whole garment in place. I‘m quite happy with this product.